What is a Miami-Dade Community ID?

Many residents, including citizens, do not meet the necessary requirements to receive a driver’s license or state-issued identification, which makes proving their identity for numerous day-to-day activities a challenge. The Miami-Dade Community ID makes it easier for them to identify themselves to law enforcement, schools, health centers, and social service agencies.

What are the limitations of my card?

Who can apply for a Miami Community ID?

Any resident of Miami-Dade County can apply for a Community ID card. This ID is especially useful to formerly incarcerated persons, foster youth, transgender persons, the homeless, new immigrants, refugees, or anyone who might face difficulties obtaining a state-issued ID.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Branches is wholly committed to protecting the privacy of all Miami-Dade Community ID applicants. Applicants will not be asked about their immigration status for purposes of obtaining the card. You can learn more about how your information will be protected by visiting the privacy and confidentiality page.

Community ID Acceptable Documents

Acceptable Proof of ID

One from this list:


Two from this list:

Unacceptable Proof of ID


Acceptable Proof of Residence

One from this List:

Unacceptable Proof of Residence

Copies of documents

Applicant who does not have a stable home address, or who is a survivor of domestic violence, may prove residency by providing a letter from a County or City agency, nonprofit organization, religious institution, hospital, or health clinic, establishing that they live in Miami-Dade County. If an applicant uses one of these letters, he or she will be eligible for an ID card, but no address will appear on it. Alternatively, a nonprofit organization or religious institution may provide a letter permitting an applicant to use the organization’s address as your “care-of” address, which will appear on the applicant’s card.

Cost & Accepted forms of payment

Getting your Miami-Dade Community ID

Pre-registration is required to attend one of our Miami-Dade Community ID Events taking place periodically in different Miami-Dade County locations and Branches’ offices.

You must book an appointment to apply for an ID at our community events or office locations

What to expect at Miami-Dade Community ID events and in office appointments

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